Meet our new CEO

Introducing Barry Winmar the new CEO Nyoongar Wellbeing and Sports

Barry Winmar grew up in the Wheatbelt town of Kellerberrin and was actively involved in the community through sport. Barry predominately played football, basketball and cricket growing up, but also excelled at softball, darts, hockey and tennis.

Barry has worked in the Not for Profit sector as a Programs Manager working with Aboriginal people who are trapped in the justice system. Barry has held a senior positions working in employment and training to provide opportunities of community economic development. Barry delivered programs to adults and children to build their resilience when coping with the everyday struggles to overcome many of the issues facing the Aboriginal community today.

Barry has held a number of senior positions within the Western Australian Public Service and Government. These include Management roles working in Police, Child Protection, Justice with a focus on policy and legislation, community development and policy development that directly impact on Aboriginal communities.

Barry is a family man dedicated to his wife and four children. Barry holds strong family values and is committed to drive long term sustainable change by delivering inclusive and innovative programs to engage Aboriginal families in sport.