Tenth Anniversary Celebration

On Thursday 17th August, we were joined by over 80 valued government, corporate and community partners and distinguished guests to celebrate Nyoongar Wellbeing and Sports’ 10th anniversary.

After being Welcomed to Country by Elder and Board Director, Nick Abraham; Acting CEO, Mark Griffin and Board Chairperson, Wayne Nannup spoke about past, current and future activities with thanks given to the many government, corporate and community partners that enable and strengthen NWS’ achievements. Gayle Higgins, Associate Principal West Beechboro Primary School spoke about the NWS Young Achievers Club that has delivered outstanding outcomes for Aboriginal children in her school.

During the celebration, some of the past Board Chairpersons and Board Members/Directors were acknowledged and thanked - George Hayden, Gordon Cole, Daniel Morrison, Rishelle Hume and Chris Hill - with a Certificate of Appreciation and Kirrikin scarf/necktie.

Guests enjoyed cocktail food by Kuditj Catering and musical entertainment by Billie Court. Thanks also go to Peter Capes, Kevan Sparks and the Subiaco Football Club for venue support and Brian Hadwin from Earthbound Photografae for event images captured.

A novel feature of the event was an illustration of the organisation’s ability to provide cultural experiences. Guests were invited to contribute to a commemorative artwork that was partially painted on the night.

With the support of the community and other valued partners, we look forward to 10 more years dedicated to increasing the holistic health and wellbeing of Aboriginal people in Nyoongar country.