Beatball now in Kwinana

                        NSA launches Beatball in Kwinana & Rockingham!

NSA are proud to be offering our award winning Beatball Program in Kwinana and Rockingham as a result of a successful funding grant from the Criminal Property Confiscations Grant ! Securing this funding means we are able to provide a worthwhile and proven community program to youth who would otherwise have limited options for weekend entertainment and healthy socialising.

NSA have been aware for sometime that the Aboriginal community in the Kwinana and Rockingham areas have had limited community programs on offer after hours and on weekends. It has been our focus and desire to respond to this need and provide an engaging program that offers youth somewhere to go and enjoy some healthy physical activity.

Securing the grant has enabled NSA, in collabration with our  valued project partners Save the Children, The Red Cross, City of Kwinana and YMCA Rockingham, to provide our award wining Beatball Program to these communities over a two year period! It has also enabled NSA to employ a new Aboriginal Sports Development Officer to manage delivery of the program and we are thrilled to welcome Misty onboard!

NSA are extremely excited by the prospect of providing this valuable service to the Kwinana and Rockingham communities as the Beatball Program has the ability to engage youth of all ages, bridge differing cultural backgrounds and provide a fun, social and healthy physical based weekly outing.    

The Kwinana Beatball Program commenced from the start of May 2014, with the Rockingham Beatball due to start Mid May 2014. Both Beatball Programs will run over the next two years and aim to attract both Aboriginal and Non- Aboriginal youth between 10-18 years old. Based on past history, the Beatball Program has always grown in popularity in a short space of time and we expect these two programs to follow suit.

The Kwinana Beatball Program is being offered  at the Kwinana Recquatic Centre on the 1st and 3rd Friday night of every month whilst the Rockingham Beatball Program is being offered at the Mike Barnett Sports Complex on the 2nd and 4th Saturday evening of every month. Both programs run between 6-9pm and include games, healthy fresh food, healthy lifestyle workshops and trophies for the winning teams.   

Whilst the program has just been launched and is in it's infancy, we have already had 25 youth attend at the Kwinana Program and nearly 20 at the Rockingham Program which is an outstanding and very encouraging result!