NWS deliver meditation to Rivervale Seniors

For the past 2 years NWS have been working alongside Arche Health at the Rivervale Seniors Program, providing physical and mental health activities in order to improve the health and wellbeing of participants.


NWS recently decided to start meditation with the seniors as it is a great way to keep mentally fit and to relax the body.

Meditation is said to be “The Fountain of Youth” for seniors with benefits such as;

-Helps with Memory

-Makes the digestive system work better

-Activates the happy part of the brain

-Sharpens and focuses the mind

-Melts away stress, yielding many great benefits.


After our first session the group stated “they really enjoyed the meditation and also felt calm and focused”.


Once the meditation is complete we move onto basic stretches for the muscles and joints. As mobility can be an issue for some, we have modified our exercises to suit all.

The exercises are done from a seated position, but give the option to stand for those who can do so comfortably.

The benefits of doing these exercises and stretches not only improve function in older adults, but it can actually reverse some of the muscle loss and deterioration associated with aging.  


Sara and Misty present at Amnesty International WA's Indigenous Rights Group eveninng

Nyoongar Wellbeing & Sports staff Sara Misty have been working hard across the Nyoongar community they have developed relationships with other organisations that have the same passion and objective, as a result were invited along to speak at WA's Amnesty International Indigenous Rights Group event "An evening of conversation and film".

The evening was guided  by themes of hope, inspiration, resilience, and community, the evening seeks to raise awareness about Amnesty's 'Community Is Everything' campaign and introduce the community to the Indigenous Rights Group's grassroots advocacy work.

One of the groups aims is to showcase and promote community-led initiatives as a solution to the over-representation of Indigenous youth in the justice system.

The format of the evening covered a variety of topics and speakers from a range of backgrounds:

- Welcome to Country by Joseph Wallam
- Panel discussion with:Jeremy Garlett (Board of Directors, Peedac), Sara Riches and Misty Gray (Nyoongar Wellbeing & Sports), and Trooth (Artistic Director, Creating Freedom Australia)

- Screening of short film Gamarada

Both Sara and Misty did exceptionally well and left all attendees inspired by the work and impact NWS are having on the Nyoongar community. Well done!

We are excited to be part of this group, helping to improve health and wellbeing of Indigenous youth.

To find out more about us and if we can assist your company or orgaisation contact us 9272-3189 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


New Series of NWS Promotional Videos

Nyoongar Wellbeing & Sports have been working hard with Seven West Media to create a series of promotional videos that showcase all there is to know about NWS, what we do, what we are trying to achieve and also promote the services we can offer to organisations and company's.


The first in the series to be completed is Corporate/ Organisational services. The video highlights what services NWS can deliver and showcases how we can enhance culture awareness and team building in your work environment along with having fun and a bit of friendly competition embracing some tradional indigenous games.


If you are an organisation or company wanting to find out more and book please contact Carly Tracy, Business Development Manager at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Beatball now in Kwinana

                        NSA launches Beatball in Kwinana & Rockingham!

NSA are proud to be offering our award winning Beatball Program in Kwinana and Rockingham as a result of a successful funding grant from the Criminal Property Confiscations Grant ! Securing this funding means we are able to provide a worthwhile and proven community program to youth who would otherwise have limited options for weekend entertainment and healthy socialising.

NSA have been aware for sometime that the Aboriginal community in the Kwinana and Rockingham areas have had limited community programs on offer after hours and on weekends. It has been our focus and desire to respond to this need and provide an engaging program that offers youth somewhere to go and enjoy some healthy physical activity.