The Story of the NWS Logo


Athol Farmer

 In 2007, NWS sought the assistance of the local Nyoongar community to design a logo for the  Association.  After trialling a number of initiatives NSA contracted the services of Athol Farmer.

 Athol was born in Gnowangerup.  Upon completing his education, he worked on a number of farms  within the region.  However, Athol always had a keen interest in art and painting. 

 Well known Nyoongar artists Rebel Cooper and Bella Kelly have been the main influences on Athol's art and painting.  "Their influence made me want to paint, but it wasn't until 1990 when I joined the TAFE art course in Katanning that I got really serious about doing art", Athol said.

In 1992, Athol had his first solo exhibition in Katanning.  Then in 1993 he was the Artist in Residence at the Hay Street Perth Gallery.  From 1994 onwards, Athol produced and sold art to local and international buyers and established outlets for his art in Perth and various other regions.  Athol, has also worked as an Art Lecturer at Katanning TAFE from 1998 to 1999 and he is now the Manager of Noongar Moorditj, the cultural and arts products section of the Southern Aboriginal Corporation.

The logo designed by Athol, incorporates the colours representative of the Nyoongar people and their lives.  The design of the ball represents a ball in flight/movement as Nyoongar people are sporting people.  Goanna - Kaarda, represents the Nyoongar totem often referred to as the 'racing goanna' by European Settlers, as it was said to always put up a challenge when being hunted.  The goanna is said to be a beautiful, active and fast creature, much like the people of Nyoongar Country.